The year is 2XXX. It's been around 30 years since the war with the aliens started. Our planet, Tera, has been ravaged by constant battles. The aliens are relentless, and we've barely been able to defend ourselves this entire time.

Some of their most devastating ships have technology that we are completely unfamiliar with. It's this space-time engine that seems to ensure that they come out on top of every battle, however, we are an ingenious race. We were able to capture one of these ships and reverse engineer the space-time engine. For the first time in this long hellish war, we are able to take the fight to them. With our new ship - equipped with an artificial intelligence and this space-time engine, we have created our ultimate weapon - Codename: Shifter.


Inspired by classic shoot ’em ups, Codename: Shifter takes inspiration from the quick arcade style action while adding elements such as upgradable weapons and unique skills for your ship.


Generate in game currency through destroying alien ships. With this currency, you can purchase randomly cycled power ups through each play through from our shop. No micro-transactions. This shop will be balanced with the entire rouge-like game in mind.

Procedural Encounters

Our unique encounter system allows us to completely randomize encounters or design specific groups of encounters that will then be randomly placed among our levels. Each play through will always feel different because of the encounters will be randomized every time.

Are you ready to take up arms against this alien invasion?

Who we are


Business Operations Manager

Hisham Ata founded Cat Splat Studios in 2015. Using his background in programming, IT support and project management he manages the business operations of Cat Splat Studios.


Project Manager
Game Designer

Kyle Skidmore is the project manager and part of the design team. He combines his business and game design experience to bring a unique perspective to our design team.

Matthew Douglas

Technical Director

Matthew Douglas is a software developer who excels in game applications. His drive to bring the best experience to the user has given him skills developing many gameplay mechanics.

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